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    • United States

    • 1853
    • Indians of North America West (U.S.) Maps. West (U.S.) Maps
    • Map shows locations of Indian tribes.
    • The range and ranch cattle area of the United States : 1884.

    • 1885
    • Rangelands--West (U.S.)--Maps.; Railroads--West (U.S.)--Maps.
    • From Joseph Nimmo's Report on the internal commerce of the United States.; "To accompany a report in reply to a resolution of the House of Representatives dated Feb 16th, 1885".; Shows cattle trails, quarantine lines, "assumed northern limit of...
    • Territory of Montana, 1879

    • 1879
    • Montana Historical geography Maps. Kansas Historical geography Maps. Nebraska Historical geography Maps
    • Map shows indian reservations.
    • System of the Montana Power Company and subsidiary companies.

    • 1916
    • Montana Power Company.; Power resources--Montana.; Power transmission--Montana.; Electric railroads--Montana.; Montana.
    • Includes legend.; Map has been separated from pamphlet for flat storage. Shows plants, transmission lines, electric railways, towns, rivers, and county boundaries.
    • St. Paul Minneapolis and Manitoba railway, and connections.

    • 1887
    • St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway Company.; Railroads--West (U.S.)--Maps.; Railroads--Canada, Western--Maps.; Railroads--Minnesota--Maps.; Railroads--Montana--Maps.; Railroads--South Dakota--Maps.; Railroads--North Dakota--Maps.
    • Also shows counties, Indian reservations, and free farm land area in Montana and Dakota.; Covers from the Pacific Ocean to Lake Michigan, north to Humboldt (Saskatchewan), and south to Sidney (Nebraska).; Relief shown by hachures and spot heights.;...
    • Soil map, Montana, Gallatin Valley sheet

    • 1905
    • Soil surveys Montana Gallatin Valley Maps. Soils Montana Gallatin Valley Maps. Gallatin Valley (Mont.) Maps.
    • Shows soil types by color and symbol.
    • Route of Lewis and Clark

    • Lewis, Meriwether, 1774-1809.; Clark, William, 1770-1838.; Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)--Maps.; Montana--Maps.
    • Also shows contemporary county boundaries and some cities.; "Property of Montana Historical Library".; Includes legend and historical notes.
    • Road map of Wheatland County, Montana

    • 1927
    • Wheatland County (Mont.)--1927.
    • [Rev.], Jan. 1927 / [by] J. Minnemann.; Shows towns, post offices, railroads, roads, rivers, creeks. Relief indicated by hachures. Includes bridge key.
    • Railroad and county map of Montana Ty

    • 1883
    • Railroads--Montana--Maps.; Helena (Mont.)--Broadsides.
    • Shows 13 counties, towns, railroads, military and Indian reservations, and lands surveyed.; Relief shown by hachures.; Map originally engraved and published by Geo. F. Cram.
    • The Northern Pacific Railroad and connections, 1890.

    • Northern Pacific Railroad Company--Maps.; Railroads--West (U.S.)--Maps.
    • Relief shown by hachures.; "Summer, 1890."; Includes index to "Points contiguous to Northern Pacific Railroad and connections."; Text, railroad schedules, ill., and advertisements on verso. Alternate title: Northern Pacific R.R., the Yellowstone...
    • Post map, Fort Assinniboine, Montana

    • 1889
    • Mines and mineral resources--Montana.; Fort Assinniboine (Mont.)
    • Date of situation 1889. Shows area from the Cypress Hills in Canada south to Fort Benton, and from St. Marys Lake east to Malta.; relief indicated by hachures.; Panel title: Fort Assinniboine, Montana, post map and supplement.; Includes legend,...
    • Pondera County, Mont

    • 1929
    • Pondera County (Mont.)--1929.
    • Shows towns, roads, rivers and creeks, and lands surveyed. Relief indicated by hachures and spot heights.
    • Park County, Montana

    • 1934
    • Park County (Mont.)--1934.
    • Shows towns, roads, trails, national forest lands, rivers, creeks, lakes, mountains. Includes legend. Pencilled annotations.
    • Official map, Powder River County, Montana

    • 1929
    • Real property--Montana--Powder River County--Maps.; Landowners--Montana--Powder River County--Maps.; Powder River County (Mont.)--Maps.
    • Shows towns, railroads, roads, rivers, creeks. Includes legend and annotations in pencil.
    • Official map of the Territory of Montana

    • 1886
    • Montana--Maps.; Montana--Maps, Topographic.
    • Shows forts, reservations, counties and railroads.; Relief shown by hachures and spot heights.; Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.; Includes endorsement.
    • Official map of Montana, 1951.

    • 1951
    • Railroads--Montana--Maps.
    • Relief shown by hachures.; Shows the railroad lines of ten railroad companies.; "June 1, 1951."; "Copyright 1951, McGill-Warner Co., St. Paul, Minn."; "M. J. Grindhem Del."--Lower right margin.; Includes index to counties with county seat and...
    • Official map of Beaverhead County, Montana

    • 1901
    • Beaverhead County (Mont.)
    • Shows roads, railroads, rivers, mining districts, ranches.; Relief indicated by hachures.; "Compiled from the latest official records."
    • Montana.

    • 1910
    • G4250 1909 .R3; Railroads--Montana--Maps.; Indians of North America--Montana--Maps.; Public lands--Montana--Maps.; Forest reserves--Montana--Maps.; Indian reservations--Montana--Maps.; Military reservations--Montana--Maps.; Montana--Maps.
    • Relief shown by hachures and spot heights.; Shows Indian reservations, military reservations, counties, national forests, railroads, and township grid.; Includes index of chief cities, key to railroads, and explanation.; "Copyright, 1909, by Rand,...
    • Montana, 1911

    • Montana.
    • Shows 29 counties, towns, railroads with mileage between stations, roads, military and Indian reservations, and land surveyed. Relief indicated by hachures. On verso (covered by linen): Index of place names, with 1910 population statistics.;...
    • Montana, 1891

    • 1891
    • Roads Montana Maps. Railroads Montana Maps. Montana
    • Map shows counties, towns, railroads, roads, and military and Indian reservations, trading posts, and coal deposits.
    • Montana Territory, 1887

    • 1887
    • Montana (Ter.)--Historical geography--Maps.
    • Relief shown by hachures.; Shows Indian reservations with dates established.; Gives longitude west from Washington and Greenwich.
    • Montana Territory, 1881

    • 1881
    • Montana--Maps.
    • 5th ed.; Relief shown by hachures.; Shows battle sites and military expeditions, with dates.; Western sheet: 2nd edition May 1875 compiled under direction of Capt. Wm. Ludlow, Corps of Engrs.; "Brig. Genl. A.A. Humphreys, Chief of Engineers ;...
    • Montana Territory, 1879

    • 1879
    • Montana (Ter.) Historical geography Maps
    • Map shows indian reservations with dates.
    • Montana : frontier, pioneer : a one page history dedicated to the Old Timers

    • 1937
    • G4251.S1 1937 .S5; Trails--Montana--Maps.; Montana--History--Maps.
    • Shows historic trails.; Relief shown pictorially.; Pictorial map.; Text and ill. on verso.; Multiple publishers and printings: Thurber's, Helena, (Mont.) -- Tribune Litho, Great Falls, (Mont.) -- Tribune Printing, "This copy compliments of the...
    • Map showing land owners in the vicinity of Anaconda, Montana

    • 1954
    • Anaconda Copper Mining Company.; Land tenure--Deer Lodge County (Mont.); Land tenure--Silver Bow County (Mont.); Mining claims--Deer Lodge County (Mont.); Mining claims--Silver Bow County (Mont.)
    • Shows land owners in Deer Lodge, Granite, Jefferson, Powell, Silver Bow and Beaverhead Counties, including former owners of A.C.M. Co. lands. Also shows some mining claims. Includes legend.
    • Map of White Sulphur Springs, Montana

    • White Sulphur Springs (Mont.)--1976.
    • Rev.; Shows streets, blocks, lots, railroads, creeks, the original townsite, real estate additions, sewer and water, and major buildings.; Original map dated January 1956.
    • Map of Valley County, Montana

    • Valley County (Mont.)--1911.
    • "Compiled and drawn from the latest official records, by order of the Board of County Com'r's, by Aug. Doenitz & Co., Helena, Mont. Copyright applied for."; Aug. Doenitz & Co. only appears in 1911 Helena City Directory.; Shows roads, railroads,...
    • Map of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers and their tributaries, 1867

    • Yellowstone River--Maps.; Missouri River--Maps.; Northwestern States--Maps.
    • "1859-60."; Relief shown by hachures.; Shows North Dakota, South Dakota, northern Nebraska, Wyoming, southeast Idaho, and most of Montana. Boundaries of states not shown.; Engraved in the Engineer Bureau, War Dept.; "To accompany a report to the...
    • Map of the Lump Gulch Mining District, Jefferson County, Montana

    • Gold mines and mining--Montana--Jefferson County.; Mining claims--Montana--Jefferson County.; Clancy Mining District (Jefferson County, Mont).; Lump Gulch--Montana--Jefferson county
    • Shows claims, creeks, railroads, and a road.; Date from sticker: "Donated by W.W. McElroy, 21 Feb. 1895."; T. 8 N., R. 3 & 4 W. (Jefferson County).
    • Map of the city of Polson, Montana.

    • Polson (Mont.)--1978.
    • Rev.; Shows streets, blocks, lots, railroad, Pend de 'Oreille River and Flathead Lake, and real estate additions.; Map originally made in 1914. Revised in 1920, 1932, 1960, 1978.
    • Map of Silver Bow County, Montana.

    • 1897
    • Silver Bow County (Mont.)--Maps.
    • Dated July 1, 1897.; Shows township and section lines, school districts, contours, topographical features, etc.; "Harper & MacDonald, successors to" stamped over imprint.
    • Map of Shelby, Montana

    • 1936
    • Shelby (Mont.)--1936.
    • Shows streets, lots, additions, railroads, highways, cemetery.
    • Map of Rosebud County, Montana

    • 1911
    • Rosebud County (Mont.)--1911.
    • Shows towns, railroads, rivers, creeks, Crow and Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservations, Otter Forest Reserve.; "Compiled from the latest official records by Aug. Doenitz & Co., Helena, Mont., 1911."
    • Map of Richland County, Montana

    • 1915
    • Richland County (Mont.)
    • Shows towns, railroads, roads, rivers and creeks, marshes, and schools. Includes legend.
    • Map of Ravalli County, Montana

    • 1927
    • Ravalli County (Mont.)--1927.
    • Shows towns, schools, roads, national forest lands, rivers, creeks, canals. Includes legend.
    • Map of Phillips County, Montana

    • 1921
    • Phillips County (Mont.)--1921.
    • Shows roads, post offices, schools, rivers, railroads, ranches. Includes legend.; "Approved by county commissioners H.S. Whitcomb, chairman, W.D. Miller, I.A. Neibaur."
    • Map of Philipsburg, Montana.

    • 1951
    • Street lighting.; Philipsburg (Mont.)--1951.
    • Shows streets, lots, and series-strung street lights.; "Traced by V.W. [Verne W.] Brown," a Montana Power Company employee.
    • Map of North America

    • 1857
    • G3300 1857 .A77; North America--Maps.; Canada--Maps.; Alaska--Maps.
    • Shows Hudson's Bay Company, British, and Russian territories in Canada and Alaska.; Relief shown by hachures.; "Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 31st July & 11th August, 1857."; In upper right margin: Select Committee--on the Hudson's...
    • Map of North America

    • 1857
    • G3300 1857 .A77; North America--Maps.; Canada--Maps.; Alaska--Maps.
    • Shows Hudson's Bay Company, British, and Russian territories in Canada and Alaska.; Relief shown by hachures.; "Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 31st July & 11th August, 1857."; In upper right margin: Select Committee--on the Hudson's...
    • Map of Neihart, Meagher Co., Mont.

    • 1890
    • Neihart Mining District (Cascade County, Mont.); Mines and mineral resources--Montana--Cascade County.; Mining claims--Montana--Cascade County.; Neihart (Mont.)--1890.
    • Shows streets, blocks, lots, Rock and Belt Creeks, and several buildings. Relief indicated by hachures.; Inset: Map of mines surrounding Neihart within a one mile radius. Scale indeterminable. 26 x 31 cm.; Decorative borders.
    • Map of Missoula, Montana, 192-?

    • Land tenure--Montana--Missoula.; Missoula (Mont.)--Maps.
    • Shows streets, blocks, lots, rivers and creeks, railroads, and owners of surrounding land.; Relief indicated by hachures.; Inset: East Missoula. Scale [ca. 1:9600]. 13 x 11 cm.
    • Map of Meagher County, Montana

    • Meagher County (Mont.)--1904-1912.
    • Shows towns, roads, railroads, mountains, rivers, and creeks. Relief indicated by hachures. Some notations added in colored pencil.
    • Map of McCone County, Montana

    • 1938
    • McCone County (Mont.)--1938.
    • Shows roads, railroads, rivers, creeks, schools, post offices. Includes legend. Pencilled annotations.
    • Map of Liberty County, Montana, school district.

    • 1930
    • School districts--Montana--Liberty County.; Liberty County (Mont.)--1930.
    • Rev. Feb. 24, 1930.; Shows roads, railroads, towns, post offices, schools. Includes legend. Pencilled annotations.; Certified by county commissioners.
    • Map of Hill County, Montana

    • 1912
    • Hill County (Mont.)
    • Shows towns, railroads, roads, military reservation, rivers, creeks, mountain ranges. Pencilled annotations.; Relief indicated by hachures.; Includes legend, elevation chart, certification by county commissioners.
    • Map of Helena, Lewis and Clarke Co., Montana, 1887

    • Helena (Mont.)--Maps.
    • Shows streets, blocks, railroads, roads, cemeteries, and some land ownership.; Relief indicated by hachures.; Includes index to churches, public buildings, schools, and railroads, and 3 vignettes.
    • Map of Helena and surrounding mines and ranches

    • 1894
    • Land tenure--Montana--Prickly Pear Creek Valley.; Mining claims--Montana--Prickly Pear Creek Valley.; Ranches.; Prickly Pear Creek Valley (Mont.)
    • Area includes the Lower Prickly Pear Valley and northern Jefferson County. Shows towns, roads, railroads, military forts, ranches and mining claims.
    • Map of Golden Valley County, Montana

    • 1920
    • Golden Valley County (Mont.)--1920.
    • Shows towns, post offices, schools, ranches, roads, railroads, rivers, creeks, Snowy Mountain Forest Reserve.; Includes legend. Pencilled annotations.; "Compiled from latest official records by Ray E. Bushnell, Roundup, Mont."
    • Map of Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park

    • 1939
    • G4252.G5A5 1939 .G7; Glacier National Park (Mont.)--Maps.; Waterton Lakes National Park (Alta.)--Maps.; Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park--Maps.
    • Pictorial map.; Relief shown pictorially.; Shows roads, trails, railroads, park and national boundaries.; Text, ill., photos, and Great Northern Railway system map on verso.; "Form 6012-4.39."; Originally folded to 23 x 11 cm.
    • Map of Dawson County, Montana : roads and trails

    • 1924
    • Dawson County (Mont.)
    • Base map c1921; Rev. Jan. 1, 1922; Rev. Apr. 1, 1924.; Shows towns, roads, railroads, ranches, rivers and creeks and lands surveyed in T. 13-23 N., R. 50-58 E.; Includes legend.
    • Map of Custer battlefield

    • Indians of North America--Wars--1866-1895.; Little Bighorn, Battle of the, Mont., 1876.
    • Date of situation 1876. Relief indicated by hachures.; "Presented by John B. Ritch, 11/24/41."; Inset: This map shows the routes and positions of the armies of the Yellowstone and the Platte expeditions during the Sioux campaign, from June 17th...
    • Map of Chouteau County, Montana

    • 1906
    • Little Rockies Mining District (Phillips County, Mont.); Montana, Northern--1906.; Mines and mineral resources--Chouteau County (Mont.); Chouteau County (Mont.)--1906.
    • Shows towns, railroads, mineral resources, Ft. Assiniboine Military Reservation, and Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation, in T. 19-37 N., R. 1-28 E. Relief indicated by hachures.; Reference: Great Falls leader [newspaper]. 14 Sept. 1906.; Includes lists...
    • Map of Cascade County, Montana

    • 1908
    • Cascade County (Mont.)
    • Shows towns, roads, forest reserves, land surveyed, and miles radiating out from Great Falls.; Relief indicated by hachures.; Insert: Great Falls. Scale indeterminable. 17 x 43 cm.
    • Map of Carbon County, Montana, 1928

    • 1929
    • Carbon County (Mont.)--1929.
    • Corr. Jan. 2, 1929 / Frank H. Bowman.; Shows towns, post offices, schools, railroads, roads, creeks, lakes, mountains, national forests. Includes historical data, mileage chart, legend. Pencilled annotations.
    • Map of Big Horn County, Montana : compiled from official records, 1932

    • 1932
    • Big Horn County (Mont.)--1932.; Crow Indian Reservation (Mont.)
    • Shows towns, schools, railroads, roads, creeks and ditches, township-range and sections, and the Crow reservation, agency, missions, and schools. Relief indicated by hachures and spot heights.; Includes legend & certification as official county map.
    • Map of Beaverhead County, Montana

    • 1912
    • Forest reserves--Beaverhead County (Mont.)--Maps.; Railroads--Beaverhead County (Mont.)--Maps.; School districts--Beaverhead County (Mont.)--Maps.; Ranches--Beaverhead County (Mont.)--Maps.; Beaverhead County (Mont.)--Maps.
    • Shows national forests, U.S. land districts, wagon roads, trails, railroads, mining districts, ranches. Relief indicated by hacures.; Includes legend.
    • Map of a part of Sweet Grass County, Montana

    • Land tenure--Sweet Grass County (Mont.); Crazy Mountains (Mont.); Sweet Grass County (Mont.)--1920-1930.
    • Shows most of northern part of county. Includes land ownership, towns, rivers, Crazy Mountains, railroads, roads, township/range lines. Relief indicated by hachures.
    • Lake County, Montana.

    • Flathead Indian Reservation (Mont.); Lake County (Mont.)--1950-1960.
    • Shows towns, with pop. stats., roads, railroads, forest reserves, dams, reservoirs, and irrigation, the "former" Flathead Indian Reservation, and lands surveyed.
    • Judith Basin Co., Montana

    • 1933
    • Judith Basin County (Mont.)--1933.
    • Shows towns, roads, railroads, rivers, creeks, mountain ranges. Relief indicated by hachures. Includes legend. Pencilled annotations.
    • Joint map

    • 1878
    • United States Boundaries Canada Maps. Canada Boundaries United States Maps. Northern boundary of the United States Maps. Canada, Western Maps
    • Shows the United States and Canadian border from the summit of the Rocky Mountains to the northwest angle of the Lake of the Woods.
    • Howdy & welcome to Helena

    • Pictorial maps.; Helena National Forest (Mont.)--1948.
    • Shows Helena vicinity, including Helena National Forest.; Includes legend, historical notes, ills., and tourist information. Text and photos. on verso.


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